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Choose The Best Type Of Electronically Controlled Gates

Electronically Controlled Gates have gained a lot of popularity lately. From being used mostly by large companies where wagons come in and out as daily routine to being installed on nearly every gate around the neighbourhood.

The advantages of an electronically controlled opening and closing system are evident. Traditional gates would need of human effort to be opened, if the driver is alone then he or she would be forced to leave the car in order to open the gate. In this moment, both, the vehicle and the driver are completely exposed.

It’s also the system preferred by residential complexes and closed neighbourhood. If each householder possesses a control for the Electronically Controlled Gates, then it’s guaranteed no one but residents will be able to enter the private area.

As a last advantage, it’s also a way to save people from walking all the way to their gates to open them when they have guests coming over. This can be very annoying, especially if your house (or mansion) is located far away from the entrance, guests will also have to wait until you walk back to open the door.

There are many different types of gates that can be controlled remotely. Regarding driveway gates, there are two major types: Automatic Sliding Gates and Automatic Swing Gates. Depending of your case, one may be more beneficial than the other. Here, we will be comparing each type in order to determine which electronically controlled system adapts better to your current and maybe future needs.

Automatic Swing Gates

Within Electronically Controlled Gates we can say automatic swing gates are the less popular ones. Nevertheless, before discarding it as a viable option for your driveway / complex gate we must evaluate its pros and cons.

Even though they’re not quite popular, they may be the right option for some caes. On a deeper analysis:

  • Not much space is required. Swing gates require little room to operate perfectly.
  • Are the only option viable for narrow driveways that can’t have a sliding gate track installed.
  • Maintenance costs are less expensive since they only have hinges, while sliding gates have tracks and rolled to be taken care of.


  • Swing gates are usually more expensive than sliding gates. Even though they can be made of the same material and have the same size.
  • Having this gate opening outward can be a problem. You’re not able to control and sometimes not even see what’s happening outside.
  • Make less noise than sliding gates which are very noisy because of the rolling sound.

Having these pros and cons in mind you can realise that even though they’re not very popular, swing gates are a great option for Electronically Controlled Gates. As a last comment, they are kind of pleasant to look when opening and closing. If you want proper counselling and great installation at unmatched prices, come here.

Automatic Sliding Gates

This option is way more popular than swing gates. Almost every house with Electronically Controlled Gates that doesn’t have a narrow driveway has automatic sliding gates. Let’s evaluate its pros and cons in order to compare them with swing gates.


  • They’re less expensive than swing gates. Depending of the price, some motors can be stronger than other ones and open/close faster.
  • Opening and closing happens inside the limits of the household. You don’t have to worry about someone being outside and hitting your gates.
  • Some motors are very fast at opening and closing these gates.


  • They’re very noisy, it depends of the rollers and the track also but they’re usually very noisy.
  • The cost of maintenance is more for these gates than for swing gates.
  • They need a lot of space inside the driveway. Actually, if you’re going to install one of these you have to count it as double because it will take as much place closed as it takes open.

People prefer sliding gates mostly because of their budget. However, maintenance costs are not a big aspect to be taken into account since they will only need them one or two time per year depending on how much they’re used.

If you want to assure you’re getting the best price in the market of Electronically Controlled Gates, click here and contact us. Timely solutions working at any given time of the day.

Which Electronically Controlled Gates Are Better For Businesses?

When it comes to businesses the factors taken in care for our decisions change, normally looking for functionality instead of looks and wanting to save the business that can be spent in something else.

Depending on the amount of car flow and daily activity the place will have, you can select from one option or another.

If you want to know the type of gates you should use for a parking lot, where you’ll be receiving a lot of people, then the best Electrically Controlled Gates you can put are boom gates. Boom gates are the best option when you need to check what a trucks carries in the back before allowing its entrance and so on. However, you’ll need either surveillance day and night or a different gate for when you close the building to ensure everything is safe during the night.

Nevertheless, if you have a lot of trucks and business’ daily activities require them to come in and out the whole day, the best option may be the automatic sliding gates. These way drivers can have a controller for the Electrically Controlled Gates and come in and out as they need, or maybe a watchman which takes care of this task.

You can also leave it half-open for pedestrians and open it completely when trucks are circulating. It’s not only less expensive but also practical.

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